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Our Mezcal

Deep within Oaxaca lies a secret kept for centuries. In its valleys, Agave plants give birth to a rare, crystalline liquid; a beverage meant for celebration. An exquisite match of mysticism and tradition. Buen Suceso, the celebration mezcal.

Young mezcal 100% agave. Moderately smoked at nose and taste with a pronounced herbal and citrus personality. Aromatically, we find suggestions to grass and wet soil; crushed flowers, sugar cane and tangerine oil. Harmonious and rounded in the mouth, we find a moderate yet marked smokey taste. We also find honeyed notes and suggestions of banana, pineapple and cocoa.



We grow our Agaves from 8 to 10 years until they reach the required maturity. We select and cut them manually.


The Agave is removed from its leafs leaving only the heart or "Agave pineapple". Our mezcal uses only Agave Espadín in its making.


Next step is the cooking of the "pineapples", which takes place in an oven built from a hole dug in the ground. This oven is a fundamental part of the mezcal's identity. The materials used for cooking are firewood, stones, Agave's dried bagasse and some ground to cover the oven.


We cut the already cooked "pineapples" into chunks and grind them to extract their juices. The grinding is carried out using a stone mill pulled by a horse or mule.


The fermentation of the Agave juices ("mosto") takes place in wooden vats. Fermentation times ranges from 14 to 30 days, depending on factors like climate, temperature and altitude. No type of chemical is added to accelerate the fermentation.


The double distillation phase is carried out in traditional copper stills. Its alcohol content is adjusted with spring water and Buen Suceso is born.